We specialize in origination and structuring of the investment opportunities in different parts of the world by collaborating with local partners. There are different types of investment opportunities in emerging markets in infrastructure and real asset sectors compared with more matured markets. Technology will improve the process and efficiency of the business. Our role is to facilitate local team to support the startups of the business. Matured market will provide the investors different types of investment opportunities with stable return and large size of the transaction. Incumbent companies have been in trouble in size and inefficiency of the business due to decades of history with corporate hierarchy and lack of capacity to challenge new ideas and approaches. Startups are challenging these with lean team and speedy process having new business approaches. We, Baryon Partners, are the driving forces to incubate and accelerate the startups in each business environment to capture the growth of the business partnering with local team.


Our core policy of investment is “buy low and sell high”. This is truly the basic rules of investment but it is not easy to do so. Many investment managers are trying to intentionally create the artificial valuation with hypothetical projections to convince their investors. Such investment will lead the investors more risk of downside and will take longer time to bring its fruits. Most of the great opportunities sit in front of everybody but no one can see it as they are waiting someone to start buying it and wait further to see more to come. Such investors will capture some of profit but lose the chance to get most of the upside value. Let’s forget what others are doing and focus purely the business opportunities even at a time when no one is there. We should be the pioneer and we work with local team to start the business and project and we can sit the other side of investment as a seller by the time other people come.


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MozambiqueHubProsward Business


Yasumitsu Himeno, Incubator, Business Designer and Founder
Yasumitsu has nearly 30 years of experience in starting up various business in large organization as well as small corporate. He has been core part of startup team by hiring members, obtaining budget and fund, working with authorities, projecting the performance and implementation of the business. He has worked at World Bank Group, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Merrill Lynch Group, Morgan Stanley Group, Marc Rich & Co (now Glencore) and Nissho Iwai Corporation (now Sojitz Corporation). He is also strong in finance and accounting.
BSc in Physics, Faculty of Science, Hiroshima University, Japan.

Teppei Himeno, Advisor
Teppei is a social entrepreneur, venture capitalist and consultant fort startups. He is the founder and CEO of Himeno Financial Group Ltd (HFG) that has been engaged in investment and advisory business across Africa. HFG focuses on supporting startups in Africa by providing seeds money and funding support at series A stage as well as growth strategy and advisory for the international business by receiving the share in the customer's startups. Teppei has strong skill in management of local team. Currently He is at business management and marketing course at Oxford Brookes University, UK.